The God Who Hears

From the very founding of our church, our resounding call has been “PRAY.” In every situation, be it good or bad, our immediate response is to seek God through prayer, prioritizing it over impulsive actions. Rather than treating prayer as a last resort, it should be our initial and constant inclination. We stand firm in the belief that we serve the God who hears.

Recognizing the importance of prayer is crucial, but it should go beyond understanding; it should be something we eagerly look forward to. Many people may not enjoy prayer because they haven’t been taught how to pray. This guide is here to help. Drawing from various prayer models in the Bible and providing personalizing guides, it’s designed to infuse joy into your time with God.

As you uncover the beauty of daily conversation with Him, you’ll experience the transformative presence of God that can reshape your life. Once you’ve learned how to pray, it seamlessly becomes a part of your everyday life. So, before each day begins, before bedtime, before heading to work or school, before sending that text, before reacting, before adversity strikes, before meals, travel—remember, in every situation—PRAY to the God Who Hears.

Need Prayer? Your Crossline family is here to pray with you.


The God Who Hears

Join us as we intentionally seek God in prayer and believe for Him to move in powerful ways. Beginning Monday, January 8, use the following Scriptures to guide your prayers during our 21 Days of Prayer. Each passage corresponds to its heading and emphasis.

1) Read the passage.

2) Ask, “What does this passage teach me about God?”

3) Ask, “If I believed this about God, how would I pray, and what would I ask God to do?”

4) Write out your prayer response to God.


Monday at 6:30 AM

Fellowship Center

Join Pastor Jason Park at 6:30 AM in the Fellowship Center

Tuesday at 6:30 AM

Fellowship Center

Join Pastor David Wood at 6:30 AM in the Fellowship Center

Wednesday at 6:30 AM

Fellowship Center

Join Worship Lead Pastor Greg Munck at 6:30 AM in the Fellowship Center

Thursday at 8:30 AM (Men)

Crossline Office

Join Pastor JP Jones at 8:30 AM in the Crossline offices.

Friday at 9 AM (Women)

Crossline Chapel

Join Gerri at 9 AM in the Crossline Chapel.

Saturday Prayer Walks at 8 AM

Various Locations

Make your Saturdays in January an opportunity to practice prayer-walking in your area!

  • Join Pastor Jordan on Saturday, January 13th at 8am at Crossline for a prayer walk and learn how you can do it, too!
  • Use the guide below to identify your own “prayer patch” and start walking!
  • Share your experiences on our social media platforms!
Walking Prayer Guide
Sunday Prayer at 8:30 AM

Worship Center Patio