Crossline College



Personal Disciple-Making and Spiritual Multiplication

Explore Jesus’ teaching and modeling about being a disciple and making disciples. Participants will be equipped with a biblical strategy in how to influence others for Christ. Emphasis on becoming a spiritual mentor and disciple-maker.



How to talk about Jesus without being weird

“How to talk about Jesus without being weird” will equip you with the relational and communication skills to shine your light and share the gospel with confidence, clarity and positive impact. Fear of being weird, misunderstood, unprepared, or rejected causes all of us to shrink back from being bold and fruitful in our witness for Christ. This course will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and conviction to overcome any barriers that keep you from being a positive and confident witness for Christ.



Experiencing you supernatural identity in Christ

This discipleship class will explore the New Testament teaching on our union with Christ and how to live out our new identity in the power of the Spirit. Attention will be given to key biblical passages, including Romans 6-8, Ephesians 1-2, and Colossians 3. The student will learn that the truest thing about them is what God says is true. Our new identity in Christ will be applied to overcoming habitual sin, defeating spiritual strongholds, and praying with authority.