Crossline College

New Class launching Mondays, March 27 - May 15th at 7 PM

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March 27 to May 15

How to talk about Jesus without being weird

Mondays at 7 PM in the Crux Room

“How to talk about Jesus without being Weird” is Crossline College’s spring semester course. This class will equip you with the relational and communication skills to shine your light and share the gospel with confidence, clarity, and positive impact. Fear of being weird, misunderstood, unprepared, or rejected causes all of us to shrink back from being bold and fruitful in our witness for Christ. This course will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and conviction to overcome barriers that keep you from being a positive and confident witness for Christ.

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Crossline College is the adult discipleship and equipping ministry of Crossline Community Church. Through Crossline College, members of Crossline can receive biblical, theological, and practical training to grow in Christ and to serve as reproducing disciples for His kingdom. As a College, Crossline College aspires to eventually partner with like-minded Christian Universities and Bible Schools to offer Biblical and practical training for ministry. It is our goal that Crossline College offers courses that can easily transfer to accredited institutions. Members of Crossline Church are encouraged to take courses either for their personal discipleship in Christ or for credit as a part of Crossline College’s core curriculum.

Options for participating in Crossline College:
  1. For personal growth and discipleship: Attend class and be equipped.
  2. For credit at Crossline College: Attend class, purchase textbooks, do all required homework, and take the final exam.