Missions work is a big deal at Crossline. We want to answer the call Jesus gave to His disciples when He said: “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”- Matt 9:37-38


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Meet Matt & Nicole Tirado

Name: Matt & Nicole Tirado

Kids: Kyana, Derrick, Madison, Jessica, Liam


Areas you serve (such as geography, people groups, or ministry strategies):

Our geographic location is Nikiski Alaska. A small borough located north of Kenai AK. The population of Nikiski is roughly 4k people.


Brief description about the work you are doing there:

Our work here is to teach and reach the next generation for Christ. God has brought many opportunities to reach the next generation. I currently serve as a youth pastor at Lighthouse Community Church. This is the home base of our operation here in Alaska. I have also worked closely with CEF (child evangelism fellowship). Our involvement with CEF has included extensive training in teaching youth of today how to share the gospel with their peers and younger kids in their generation. This includes training camps and weekly school ministry. Each week a team of students labor together in an after-school program called Good News Clubs. It is here the students lead younger kids through bible lessons, ministry stories, songs games and most importantly a solid presentation of the Gospel. The Lord brought us here predominantly to serve on staff at The CompassAK; but that has since changed. The Compass is a after school youth program for 6-12th grade students. Their aim is to “encourage, equip and empower the youth of Alaska by developing healthy relationships and demonstrating the love of Christ. I am no longer on staff but remain involved in different capacities. Those range from hosting a monthly bible study and a weekly volunteer.


Welcome to Lifeline! The youth group of Lighthouse community church of which I lead the youth in our congregation. I provide leadership to the Shepherding Leadership Team at Lighthouse. It is my heart and goal to attack the staggering statistic that 70+% of the youth in the church leave never to return. I want my student to not graduate their faith when they graduate high school. I am so fortunate to have a weekly youth group where we focus on diving into God’s word. I want this to be the main focus. We play games and have fun while we are there but learning to study The Bible is the center of Lifeline’s focus.


What drew you to that location/ ministry:

A friend of mine (Lighthouses’s Worship Leader) made a video for The Compass to help with their initial kick off fund raiser. I was showing a video that he and I made when we were kids to my children when that came up as a suggestion. I watched it and instantly knew I was going to be involved. I love working with youth. They are so much fun and I am not that much more mature than they are at times. I believe that the next generation moving through our youth group right now is very important. They are the future but are also the church of right now and the answer to the hopelessness we see today is found in the love of Christ. I want every child in our community to know that. It with this understanding these same students can reach beyond what I can and help change our community, city, count, state, nation, and world.


When they give their life to the Lord he lavishes on them the same Spirit he give a new believer in their 40s or 70s. There is no Holy Spirit ‘lite” they get until they mature. I want to break down this idea that the church has allowed to creep in. Our youth can accomplish grate things and can be used by God in mighty ways.


Our kids are involved in the worship band at church (Derrick play bass, Madi sings). Derrick, Madi and Jessica are participating in CEF alongside me. Jessica saw a void that needed to be filled and started at women’s breakfast at church. She was only 10 and took that bull by the horns. The breakfast is still going strong. Ky and Madi are part of a leadership study group at Lighthouse. The purpose is to develop service minded leadership in the students of Lifeline.


How can the Crossline community support you:

  • If they feel as moved and compelled by the areas we serve ask God what he would have you do. Could you become a prayer partner of ours? The battle on our family and ministry is real and we are constantly being tested.
  • Ask God if he would have you partner with Him through our family on the frontlines through faithful monthly giving. We have financial needs to support our family and the sooner we get to fully funded status the more impact we can have in the areas we are involved. One could also help by providing materials and items needed to conduct specific aspects of ministry in this tough and wild state.
  • Always wanted to visit Alaska? Come partner with us and serve alongside us as we serve the Kingdom and reach people for Christ.
  • Sponsor an event at the Compass or Lighthouse. Sponsor a student’s tuition to CEF’s training camp in June.
  • Pray for our students in Nikiski


Website: Alaska Missionary | Youth Outreach Ministry (matttirado17.wixsite.com) I have obtained “lastfrontiermissions.com” but I am currently working on attaching this to the site.


Email: [email protected]


Mailing Address: 50941 Kenai Spur Hwy #1 Kenai AK 99611


Phone: 907)313-0160


Social Media Handle:

Matt n Nicole Tirado on Facebook

Tirados_mission_life on Instagram

Matthew Tirado Linked-in

Big Matt Tirado GoWild


Meet David & Jen Urquhart

Name: David and Jen Urquhart

Areas you serve (such as geography, people groups, or ministry strategies): 

Los Angeles low-income neighborhoods

Brief description of the work you are doing there: 

We partner with churches in low-income communities to provide outreach and training tools for them to use to connect with their community and build long-term disciples. We provide Powerpacks for back-to-school time (backpacks with school supplies), homeless care kits in the winter, Easter Bags for kids’ outreaches, Boxes of Love for Thanksgiving time, discipleship training classes, and we organize short-term mission trips. We also empower churches with training and support to run their own S.A.Y. Yes! Afterschool program.

What drew you to that location/ ministry: 

While in college, I served for three spring break trips in LA and, after graduating, served for eight weeks. During this time, I worked alongside the ministry partners and experienced what it means to care for those who are marginalized. When I saw the generosity, the community, and the faith of those who are living day to day, scriptures came alive, like, “God has chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit His Kingdom” James 2:5. Others became clear, like, “when you oppress the poor you insult their maker” Proverbs 14:31. Because we are all made equally in God’s image, and when someone suffers from poverty, it distorts God’s image. Although I saw that some donations were going toward poor communities, I didn’t see many people relocating to fulfill God’s call to care for the marginalized, so Jen and I felt strongly, after we’ve been married a couple of years, that God was calling us to leave our professional jobs to serve in the low-income neighborhoods of Los Angeles with Cru Inner City.

How can the Crossline community support you: 

In this season, I am suffering from severe back pain, so pray the Lord would bring healing to my mind and back because the pain is neuroplastic, which means it is originating in my mind and possible to change with retraining my thoughts. When I get better, then I would love to discuss more options like sending short term missions youth groups, or helping us fill backpacks. 


Website: give.cru.org/0578278

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address: 1604 N Van Ness Ave, Compton, CA 90221


Meet Matthew & Jourdan Svajda

Name: Matthew and Jourdan Svajda (and Judah 10, Kellar 8, Josie 5)

Areas you serve (such as geography, people groups, or ministry strategies): 

We live and serve our community in Florida. Brevard County, FL also known as “The Space Coast” is becoming a tech hub as the space industry leads the way. People from all over move to our area and nearby Orlando making it a very diverse and transient area. It also means that there’s great opportunity. Barna Research group identified this geography as the 9th most unchurched population metroplex in the United States and the 6th most De-churched population in the U.S. Our strategy has been to formulate missional activity on our own with our church, and as a family, while also strategically gathering and equipping the “Capital C” church of our entire county. We are convinced that God is using our land as a catalyst for renewal that is coming across our county, state, and country. 

Brief description about the work you are doing there:

Fiducia is a latin word that simply means that we are compelled to live out our saving faith. Our mission is to “live a life on mission where we live, work, and play.” With that, our desire is to go and “make missionaries.” A missionary isn’t only someone that moves to an impoverished country, a missionary can a stay at home mom, a teacher, a coach, an accountant, a realtor, or any child of God in Christ. 

Every month you’ll find us gathering business leaders, pastors, and leaders from across the county to equip them to live “life on mission” where we live, work, and play. We host luncheons to equip leaders and have started the group “Space Coast Missional Network” and is recognized as the place to get mission/evangelistic equipping. We also take out teams (2nd Saturdays of the month) to hit the streets, beaches, and neighborhoods. We call this “Salt” as we practice evangelism and use it as an equipping tool for the greater body of Christ. We’ve now had visitors come from across the county, state, and even the globe join us in street evangelism! 

Individually, we see our neighborhood, sports team, and community as our own personal mission field and have even baptized a few people in our pool and the beach(near our house)! One of the ways we show intentional love to our neighbors is giving out free coffee on Sundays and Mondays with a coffee cart we made. On Sunday, coffee is given out to park walkers, and Monday cups of coffee are handed out to parents of a local elementary school. It creates community and conversation and has connected multiple families to the local church. Picture included.

Beyond this, we have a huge desire to engage the business community as a mission field…more on this is coming.

What drew you to that location/ ministry: 

We heard VERY clearly from God that Florida was where He was guiding our family. During the process of searching exactly where, God revealed to us the Barna study and the specific need to this community to reach the unchurched and dechurched. That’s why we’re here….to see this statistic change, and we believe it will.

How can the Crossline community support you: 

We just love our Crossline family. So much deep history and relationship. It’s where it all started. We mostly want prayer support. If an option in the future, we’d love to come share updates of how we are doing. Not even necessarily to raise support, but to simply update everyone. We’d be delighted to even make a special trip for this.

BHAG – You ready? Believing for an indoor action sports facility similar to a YMCA, but geared around surf, skate, moto, wake, etc. Reaching the next generation is a huge desire and we believe the Lord is leading us this direction of business as mission. To pull it off would require multiple millions in financial provision. We have a big God, and it’s all His anyways, so why not? 😉





[email protected] [email protected]

Mailing Address: 

429 Coach Road, Satellite Beach, FL 32937


Meet Duncan & Kerrie Parlett

Name: Duncan & Kerrie Parlett

Areas you serve (such as geography, people groups, or ministry strategies):

Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Duncan: US – missionary mobilization (ministry partner development coach)

Kerrie: US – finance analyst

Brief description about the work you are doing there:

Duncan: My job is to help our young missionaries with one of the hardest things they have ever had to do – trust God to provide for their financial support.

Kerrie: I am part of a team that ensures that the funds that have been sacrificially given are used in a way that honors God. 

What drew you to that location/ ministry:

Duncan: I love discipling and pointing young missionaries to Christ as they face the daunting challenge of raising up a ministry partner team and report to their assignment. 

Kerrie: I love helping equip our staff to properly manage the finances for their teams. 

How can the Crossline community support you: 

Duncan & Kerrie: We need 1) prayer, 2) financial support, and 3) encouragement. 



[email protected]

[email protected]

Mailing Address: 

Duncan & Kerrie Parlett, 27509 Via Fortuna, SJC, CA 92675



Meet Mark & Leslie Mayers

Name: Mark and Leslie Mayers

Areas you serve (such as geography, people groups, or ministry strategies): 

Serving with Jesus Film Project in major donor development.  Jesus Film and other CCC Media are in all the countries of the world.  We have thousands of staff and more than 1800 partnership orgs.

Brief description about the work you are doing there: 

JFP does evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. Our specific ministry is to help raise the budget to fund that. We have raised hundreds of millions of dollars towards annual budgets for 26 years.

What drew you to that location/ ministry: 

God, through a bunch of circumstances

How can the Crossline community support you: 

Other than prayer and finances, we would love to be able to tell our story once in a while to the whole church…not to raise money, but to raise awareness of the spectacular things God has done for more than 43 years…and will continue to do in the future.



Jesus Film Project

Mayers Family Giving Site


[email protected]

[email protected]

Mailing Address: 

25 Tomahawk St. Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

Social Media Handle:  

@markallenmayers    Mark’s Facebook

@leslie_mayers          Leslie’s Facebook



Meet Tomo & Elizabeta (Beti) Josovik

Name: Tomo & Elizabeta (Beti) Josovik

Areas you serve (such as geography, people groups, or ministry strategies): 

  • Macedonia, Eastern Europe.
  • Eastern Orthodox, Muslim, Atheists and others, 
  • Win, Build, Send

Brief description about the work you are doing there:

We are all called to engage with this work in unique, strategic and purposeful ways. We believe God has called us to engage specifically with the future leaders of communities, families, businesses, and the world. From this perspective, we now have the opportunity to develop partnerships between the two countries (US and Macedonia) who will take an active part in reaching people not only in Macedonia, but also the neighboring countries, the Balkans, and beyond.

What drew you to that location/ ministry? 

As a native Macedonians who follow Jesus since 1990, we had Heart for the lost people of Macedonia, Balkan and beyond. 

How can the Crossline community support you?

  • Prayers
  • Financial 
  • Resources
  • Man power






Mailing Address: 

Tomo & Elizabeta Josovik

  • In US: 3389 Punta Alta #B Laguna Woods, CA 92637
  • In Macedonia: ul. Kosta Novakovik br.48.1/17 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

Social Media Handle: 

  • FB, skype, face time: Tomo Josovik,  
  • FB, skype, Instagram: elizabeta.josovik

Phone in US:

  • Tomo 1 682-283-2491
  • Beti    1 682-283-3248

Phone in Macedonia: 

  • Tomo 1 38978241511
  • Beti    1 38978241551

Meet Greg & Jill Johnson

Name: Greg & Jill Johnson


Areas you serve (such as geography, people groups, or ministry strategies):





Along with John 17:21, we believe that if the body of Christ is united, the world will believe in Christ. We are working to unite the body of Christ with our ultimate desire to see the truth come to our Mormon friends and neighbors across the globe.


Brief description about the work you are doing there:

We meet weekly with different pastors from regional areas in Utah to encourage them, love them, pray for them and encourage them to unite with other pastors and churches. We have unity events throughout the year to bring the body of Christ together.


We hold dialogues between evangelicals (traditional Christians) and Mormons and train those involved to know how to lovingly talk with others who don’t share our faith. We have student dialogues, scholar dialogs, and leader dialogs. God has given us favor with many high-level leaders in the Mormon church.


We write and facilitate bible studies written specifically for traditional Christians to do with their Mormon friends.


What drew you to that location/ministry:

Greg was raised in the Mormon church and was led to Christ through a Christian camp experience and has a heart to see Mormons find faith in Christ alone. Jill had several friends while she was growing up that were Mormons and has always desired to help her Mormon friends find freedom in Christ.


How can the Crossline community support you:

We would love opportunities to tell others about what we see God doing in Utah among Mormons. We find that people are encouraged by hearing the stories and it helps them know how to better pray for us. We would love to have more monthly committed givers to expand the work of both unity and transformation.






[email protected] (for public use)

[email protected]

[email protected]


Mailing address:

PO Box 71055

SLC, UT 84171


Facebook: @Standing Together

Instagram: standing2gether

YouTube: Standing Together

Podcast: Building Bridges with Greg and Jill

Twitter: @StandingT


Meet Scott & Delores Horn

Name: Scott and Delores Horn


Areas you serve (such as geography, people groups, or ministry strategies):

Our focus of ministry is helping churches become increasingly fruitful in making disciples of Jesus.


Brief description about the work you are doing there:

We help churches identify barriers to growth by assessing the health of the church. This is supplemented by our prayer ministry and coaching for church leaders.


What drew you to that location/ ministry:

Vision for our ministry developed, as we were involved in many aspects of vocational Christian ministry through the years.


How can the Crossline community support you:

Crossline has been a foundational supporter of our ministry over the years through financial gifts and prayers.



[email protected]


Mailing Address:

* 15511 Summerwood Avenue

Baton Rouge, LA 70817


Meet John & Lori Gash

Name: John & Lori Gash


Areas you serve (such as geography, people groups, or ministry strategies):

We serve widely across the USA and around the world these last 20+ years. Our mission is to be a conduit that connects and unifies people, churches and organizations with ministries and opportunities that bring hope and transformation to the lost, last, and least.


Brief description about the work you are doing there:

Our focus since 2016 is to multiply movements of the gospel and mobilize the church for that mission around the world. We partner with frontline like-minded organizations and US church networks and focus on launching and fanning the flames of rapidly multiplying DMM/Disciple-Making Movements that are sweeping across the developing world right now.


What drew you to that location/ ministry:

We have been working engaging churches for Africa since 2002, including many years in Malawi. We championed “Y-Malawi?” from its inception, growing to a partnership of 35 churches from 11 denominations and 5 states (including Crossline!) linking arms with 6 ministries in Malawi for large scale long-term transformation of one region of several hundred square miles. We were drawn to the Middle East in 2016 when the Syrian war led to the displacement of 9 million souls and more than 500,000 killed. A tremendous Disciple-Making Movement among the refugees and others in the Middle East is growing exponentially with hundreds of thousands of new Muslim-background believers annually from tens of thousands of Discovery Bible Study groups. God is clearly moving, we are compelled and thrilled to join Him and do all we can to help multiply and spread these movements of the gospel, including to Africa, America, and more.


How can the Crossline community support you:

We love hearing from anyone and everyone at Crossline, praying for you, being connected, pursing God and the spread of the gospel together! Joining our prayer group referenced below is great too. We also welcome hearing from anyone that is interested in the Spiritual Authority Cohort at Crossline or reaching out and into the communities and cities all around Crossline in prayer and engagement. Of course we are blessed by those who feel led to stand together with us and this mission financially too.


Website: Linktr.ee/FaithQuestJohno & FaithQuestMissions.org


Email: [email protected][email protected]  Text: (949) 280-9614


Mailing Address: 25016 Adelanto Drive, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677


Social Media Handle: Key Account is Ministry Instagram & Facebook – @FaithQuestMissions

Personal IG: @FaithQuestJohno @LoriGash Personal Facebook: @JohnoGash @Lori.Gash


Meet Lynn & Teresa Dobosy

Name: Lynn & Teresa Dobosy


Areas you serve (such as geography, people groups, or ministry strategies):

We serve with the International School Project (ISP), a ministry of Cru. ISP is focused on creating teacher communities around the world. We help win teachers to Christ, build them in their faith, and equip them to reach students, families, and other teachers with the gospel. The work has taken place in 31 countries.


Brief description about the work you are doing there:

Since entering the public schools of Russia in 1991, the International School Project has trained more than 195,000 teachers in 31 countries. At four-day training conferences, teachers explore their own world view, and are challenged to examine the Christian worldview.


They hear the gospel and receive a curriculum that helps their students set goals and avoid drugs and alcohol. The curriculum draws on principles from the Bible. More than 47,000,000 students have participated in the program with their teachers.


Many atheistic, Buddhist, or Muslim teachers have come to Christ, and become tremendous witnesses in their classrooms. Not only that, but it all has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education in countries such as Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Ukraine, Iraq and others. The average teacher uses the Bible based curriculum with 74 students per year.


ISP has welcomed over 3,000 American Christians to serve as small group facilitators of teachers at the training conferences. Anyone who has led a small group at church, or has done any business training would qualify to be team member. You don’t have to be a teacher.


What drew you to that location/ ministry:

God orchestrated that a man in in the Ministry of Education in Russia received Christ at a JESUS Film showing in Moscow. This man opened the doors to the 65,000 public schools of Russia. Teresa and I saw this an opportunity of a lifetime. We have worked with this teacher project for 30 years.


How can the Crossline community support you:

  • It would be awesome to see some Crossline supported missionaries highlighted at the Sunday services. Even 3 minutes every couple of Sundays would bring some awareness to the congregation.
  • When COVID lightens and we sent large American teams again, it would be great so see some Crossline staff or members join ISP training teams in Guatemala, or Ecuador, Greece, or Cuba.






[email protected]


Mailing Address:

28185 Coulter Dr.

Mission Viejo, CA 92692


Meet Dave & Anne Brodsky

Name: Dave & Anne Brodsky


Areas you serve (such as geography, people groups, or ministry strategies):

The Global Mission envisions, equips and involves followers of Jesus Christ to bring the Gospel to those who’ve never heard…  all around the world and we currently have focused partnerships in: Haiti, Israel, Mexico


Brief description about the work you are doing there:

In Haiti we are bringing a hope and a future to the children of Haiti through community transformation and revival.  We have to dig water wells that provide water for entire communities, to install water filtration systems to provide purified clean water, for home construction, for micro-credit lending and job creation, for leadership and pastoral training, for community outreach and medical clinics and for orphan care and family reunification. Our children’s shelter, Chanje Lakay, has 36 children receiving nutritious meals, clean water, medical care, education and a biblical foundation, English tutoring and job skills in a loving environment.

In Israel, we have full time missionaries who have been serving as residents for more than 20 years, we sponsor a local church of believers from Jewish, Arab and Russian backgrounds, and have an outreach to the community and local university.


In Mexico we partner with the local ministries and churches of Ensenada, build homes in community and continue to develop relationships to expand an outreach of evangelism and discipleship.


What drew you to that location/ ministry:

Opportunities to share the Gospel, disciple believers, have maximum impact for Christ, plant churches, mobilize believers from the US and bring them back to their home church on fire for the Lord.


How can the Crossline community support you:

Many people believe we are employed by Crossline as part of the staff, but actually we are not paid by the church.  We are missionaries who depend 100% on contributions to The Global Mission for our income / salary.  We welcome families and individuals (or their businesses) to become regular partners with us in advancing the Kingdom through recurring or occasional contributions to our ministry.  We love prayer support too!  We send all our financial and prayer partners a regular email update about our family and ministry.


Website: www.theGlobalMission.org and www.chanje.org


Email:  [email protected] and [email protected]


Mailing Address: 21895 Tobarra Mission Viejo CA 92692


Social Media Handle: please add all TGM and Chanje for me


Meet Quentin Blakely

Name: Quentin Blakely


Geography, People Groups, or Ministry Strategies: The Global Mission, Chanje Movement, Code Alpha Ministries


Description and Draw to Ministry:


As mature Christians embrace their God-given role in the Great Commission and fully steward their strengths and gifting, He will be glorified and many lost will be redeemed. The Global Mission partners with the local church in glorifying Christ and proclaiming Him to those who’ve never heard through the inspiration, equipping and sending of His people. “Through my own personal experiences, I realized just how impactful it can be for the average church member to step out in faith and engage in the The Great Commission. While serving others is an absolute blessing, the way an individual grows in their faith and connects to their community through a mission trip is an unparalleled experience.”



Haiti, like much of the world, is in need of change. We believe that God can bring help and hope to the nations, and that He will do that through the hands and feet of people. Together, we are committed to raising movements of change in the cities, towns and villages of the world. “When I was eighteen years old, I stepped out in faith to participate in my first mission trip to Haiti. ‘Lord, break my heart for the things that break Yours,’ ended up being one of the most life altering prayers of my life. The thirst that Haitians have for the hope and love of Jesus is unlike anything I have experienced before. Since my first mission there, my heart has never left.”



Our society’s finest are often at the front lines of the spiritual battle without even recognizing it. As the Director of Code Alpha Ministries my goal and vision is to reach first responders with the Gospel, create disciples and equip them to fight the good fight victoriously for Christ, and to empower them to make Kingdom impacts locally, regionally, and globally. “As someone who grew up in a law enforcement family and had a near decade long career in it myself, the special circumstances and scenarios that first responders walk through daily is very familiar to me. First responders are often times our best representation of strength, but even our strongest need the hope and love of Jesus Christ.


Crossline Support:

The harvest is plentiful, and I’m blessed to be sent out to labor in the harvest. My ministry is still in its youth, and I am actively seeking and praying for the Lord of the harvest to bring forth additional prayer and financial partners to send me further into the harvest.






[email protected]


Mailing Address:

PO Box 80222

Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca 92688 USA


Social Media Handle:

Instagram- qrb_global