Missions work is a big deal at Crossline. We want to answer the call Jesus gave to His disciples when He said: “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”- Matt 9:37-38


Feb 16

Mexico Missions Opportunity
Thursday, February 16

Feb 17

MS Laser Tag
Friday, February 17 / 2:00 PM

Feb 24

HS Winter Retreat 2023
Friday, February 24

Feb 16

Mexico Missions Opportunity
Thursday, February 16

May 19

Chanje 2023 Golf Classic
Friday, May 19

Aug 26

Israel 2023
Saturday, August 26




Meet Matt + Nicole Tirado

Name: Matt & Nicole Tirado 

Kids: Kyana, Derrick, Madison, Jessica, Liam

Areas you serve (such as geography, people groups, or ministry strategies): 

Our geographic location is Nikiski, Alaska. A small borough located north of Kenai, AK. The population of Nikiski is roughly 4k people. 

Brief description of the work you are doing there: 

Our work here is twofold. I am the Student Outreach Manager at Compass and the youth pastor at Lighthouse Community Church. Both areas we serve are committed to our overall goal of “Reaching and guiding the next generation in Alaska for Christ.”

Our mission at the Compass is “to encourage, equip and empower the youth of Alaska”! We do this by teaching practical life skills, building healthy, positive relationships, and demonstrating and sharing the love of Christ. We use many different avenues and programs to accomplish this. The area where most of the ministry takes place under it after school, “Drop-In.” Many of the students walk to The Compass after school. While at The Compass, they can do homework, play games, hang out with friends or partake in various projects we offer during the week. The Compass was not an offshoot of a church ministry but was founded as a place where churches in the community could come and minister to their community through The Compass. It is, in a sense, a conduit for ministry to happen between the body of Christ and those they are trying to reach. 

Welcome to Lifeline! I lead the Lighthouse community church youth group, in which I teach the youth in our congregation and provide leadership to the Shepherding Leadership Team at Lighthouse. It is my heart and goal to attack the staggering statistic that 70+% of the youth in the church leave never to return. I want my student to not graduate from their faith when they graduate high school. I am fortunate to have a weekly youth group where we focus on diving into God’s word. I want this to be the main focus. We play games and have fun while there but learning to study The Bible is the center of Lifeline’s focus.

What drew you to that location/ ministry:

A friend of mine (Lighthouses’ Worship Leader) made a video for The Compass to help with their initial kick-off fundraiser. I was showing a video that he and I made when we were kids to my children when that came up as a suggestion. I watched it and instantly knew I was going to be involved. I love working with youth. They are so much fun, and I am not much more mature than they are. I believe the next generation moving through our youth group is very important. They are the future, and the answer to the hopelessness we see today is found in the love of Christ. I want every child at The Compass and Lifeline to know that. If they grab ahold of this and their life is changed, they can reach beyond what I can and help change our community, city, county, state, nation, and world. 

When they give their life to the Lord, he lavishes on them the same Spirit he provides new believers in their 40s or 70s. There is no Holy Spirit lite” they get until they mature. I want to break down this idea that the church has allowed creeping in. Our youth can accomplish great things and be used by God in mighty ways. 

Derrick, Madi, and Jessica are attending CEF ( Child Evangelism Fellowship) to learn how to share the Good news with kids younger than them. Our kids are involved in the worship band at church (Derrick plays bass, Madi sings). Jessica saw a void that needed to be filled and started at women’s breakfast at church. She was only ten and took that bull by the horns. The breakfast is still going strong. Ky and Madi are part of a leadership study group at Lighthouse. The purpose is to develop service-minded leadership in the students of Lifeline. 

How can the Crossline community support you: 

  • The battle between our family and ministry is accurate, and we are constantly being tested. If they feel as moved and compelled by the areas we serve, ask God what he would have you do. Could you become a prayer partner of ours? 
  • We have financial needs to support our family, and the sooner we get to fully funded status, the more impact we can have in the areas we are involved. One could also help by providing materials and items needed to conduct specific aspects of ministry in this tough and wild state. Ask God if he would have you partner, with Him through our family on the frontlines through faithful monthly giving. 
  • Always wanted to visit Alaska? Come partner with us and serve alongside us as we serve the Kingdom and reach people for Christ. 
  • Sponsor an event at the Compass or Lighthouse. 
  • Pray for our students—both at Lighthouse and The Compass.

Prayer Requests: 

  • The battle is real. Our family, ministry, and community are under attack constantly. We are in the prevention business. We are impacting the lives of many in which we may never get to see the fruit of it. The seeds we sow now God might not allow to flower and blossom for years to come. 
  • Our family is still raising financial support. Ask God to bring those whom HE wants to be a part of the work he is doing through our family. 
  • Wisdom, I (Matt) did not attend seminary or bible college. God said go, so I went. I need the Spirit to fill my heart, mind, and lips with these students and my family daily.
  • Since moving here, my wife and I have learned of the medical complications we have. We constantly discover new things and face the challenges of navigating those waters. 
  • My children are in the thick of it, and I pray God uses them in a mighty way here. This means they are constantly bombarded by the world and are making friends in the world. I pray that God would keep them and use them to be an influence and not influenced. 
  • Vision. It is easy, and I have already seen it happen that our family can easily take a back seat to ministry. They are my first mission field. 
  • Patience. I cannot expect the world to act like a believer. 
  • Love. Help me to love them the way Christ does. 

Website: Alaska Missionary | Youth Outreach Ministry (matttirado17.wixsite.com)

Email: tiradosalaskanmission @ gmail.com

Mailing Address: 50941 Kenai Spur Hwy #1 Kenai AK 99611

Social Media Handle: 

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