Services at 9 AM

Join us!

Welcome to our serene and cherished Chapel, where age is honored, and traditions are treasured. If you’re seeking a traditional church service and a place to connect with your peers, we extend our warmest invitation to you. Join our elegant and intimate venue as we joyfully worship the Lord!

At our Chapel, you’ll discover a beautiful setting that embraces the essence of tradition. Every Sunday at 9 AM, we gather for a traditional-denominational service that resonates with the soul. Our members create a welcoming environment, eager to embrace new faces and foster meaningful connections.


Here’s what our chapel community takes pleasure in:

  1. Praise and Worship: From traditional hymns to contemporary melodies, our piano-led music uplifts your spirit.
  2. Live Pastor’s Message: Immerse yourself in the worship experience through our live video stream of the Pastor’s Worship Center message.
  3. Communion Celebration: Come together on the first Sunday of every month to partake in the sacred act of communion.
  4. Melodious Choir: Our choir, accompanied by a mesmerizing orchestra, graces us with their harmonious voices monthly.
  5. Sunday School: Expand your biblical knowledge through our engaging post-service Bible study sessions held in the Chapel.
  6. Chapel Call Team: Our compassionate individuals with hearts of service regularly reach out to fellow Chapel members, ensuring they are cared for and supported.
  7. Weekly Emails: Stay updated with Chapel events, personal happenings, and prayer requests through our weekly emails to all members.
  8. Hospitality: Every Sunday, indulge in a delightful cup of coffee and delectable donuts, lovingly served by our team.
  9. Community BBQs: Join us for vibrant and joyful community barbecues, where friendships are forged and memories are made.
  10. Hosts: Rick Braeutigam or Jason Park will be your gracious hosts, ready to guide you and make you feel at home.

Experience the timeless beauty of our Chapel and the heartfelt fellowship of our community. We eagerly await your presence as we come together to worship and celebrate the Lord.