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At Crossline, Marriage is a big deal. It’s a big deal to us because it’s a big deal to God. We dedicate time, energy, and resources to advocate for healthy and THRIVING marriages. Because despite what culture says, we all want a good marriage.

Wherever you are at in your marriage journey, Crossline is here to support you! Are you engaged? We’d invite you to get connected to our pre-marital counselors and go through the process of setting up your marriage for success! Perhaps you’ve been married for 20+ years and are ready to serve with your spouse as Marriage Mentors to younger couples. Or regardless of whatever stage you are in, we could all use some great community and some helpful tips—it’s time to check out our regular Marriage Matters events or jump into a couples small group!

Why have a mediocre marriage when you could have a mind-blowing marriage? Let’s start with God and seek it together!


Crossline Couples Events

The events that we create for our couples here at Crossline are a fantastic opportunity to connect with other couples who, like you, are pursuing greater health and strength in their marriage! All of our events are guaranteed to be both fun AND helpful—providing practical wisdom for daily success in your marriage! By making our events inexpensive and providing kids programs, we make it easy for you and your spouse to have an incredible time together. Check out our upcoming events at the link below!

Marriage Matters

Pre-Marital Counseling

If you are engaged, we would love to partner you up with one of our Crossline pre-marital counseling couples who will help you prepare for the days and years ahead! Statistics resoundingly show that couples who go through pre-marital counseling have a much better chance at having a successful marriage! Crossline pre-marital counseling is God-focused and highly relational and we know that you will have a lot of fun going through it!

Pre-Marital Counseling
Marriage Mentoring

At Crossline, we believe, based on what we have experienced and what we read in the Bible, that when couples have other older couples investing in them that both parties end up having stronger, more-lasting marriages. Whether you are a young couple looking for support/advice or you are an older couple who are in a season where you have desire to invest in others, we encourage you to check out Crossline Marriage mentoring!

We want to BE MENTORED We want to BE MENTORS

Couples Small Groups

One of the best ways to have a strong and healthy marriage is to be in community with others who have strong and healthy marriages! If you aren’t yet in a couples small group, check out our groups below!

Community Groups