Revive 2.0





Crossline is committed to loving God, loving people, and having a blast!

To reach the Revive 2.0 goal of $2.4M, we are asking every family that calls Crossline home to step out of their comfort zone financially in providing an offering above and beyond their regular tithe for “REVIVE 2.0.”  Specifically, this means going to God in prayer first and asking him to reveal to each of us what would be a “faith commitment” versus just a financial gift that makes budgetary sense.

Before you decide on the amount of your gift, please prayerfully consider the generosity that God has shown you, the importance of the mission, and the staggering returns that God promises to the cheerful giver. As you look through the attached brochure, we are sure you will be delighted by the design of the multiple projects. We are not just enhancing our campus; we are going to transform our experience at Crossline. May God make Christ’s vision a reality!