Real Fellowship Brings Real Joy!

Our weekly “Get Real” post from Donna Jones:


I love Kelly Minter’s thoughts on fellowship: “The absolute irrevocable result of fellowship is joy. So why are so many of us dragging ourselves to church or Bible study? Why are we bored with religion? Why would we rather do anything than stand around a crusty tin of lasagna making small talk with church people?”

“We’ve stopped being real.”

Is it risky to be real? You bet! But the funny thing about risk is that the scary part is also the thrilling part. Think roller coasters. Or landing the dream job. Or overcoming anything you were afraid to do.

Why? Because when it’s reciprocated, risk builds trust. Trust is the foundation for human attachment. People who step out of their comfort zone and risk authenticity find the potential for deep, trusting friendships—the kind that brings joy. The kind that feeds the soul.

When you risk authenticity others think “Oh, you’re going to be real? Well, I guess I will, too.” Now we can be friends. For real.