Bible Studies


Each step on the men’s pathway has its own unique gatherings and events that will inspire, challenge, and stretch you to become the man God created you to be. Each step is progressive both in connection and commitment. So while we come from different backgrounds and we are in different stages of our journey in Christ, we have a single mission – to be God’s man.

The Call Studies


Crossline Men’s Bible Study is named “The Call.”  This is your first stop in the Crossline Men’s Community.  This is where you GET IN.  Join the men for a large group teaching, small group discussion. Call Studies meet conveniently 3 times per week.  

  • Thursday Mornings from 6:30 – 7:45 AM in the Teaching Worship Center, Discussion: Patio
  • Thursday Evenings from 6:30 – 8 PM Teaching and Discussion on our patio


*no advance registration necessary just show up!


Get Healthy

Located in the Education Center

Our Get Healthy track is our most popular men’s group experience because it helps men get WINS where they are desperately needed. When you take this step toward health, you will be with a group of men, seeing what the Bible has to say about temptations and compromise (moral health), our view of women and marriage (marital health), our leadership in the home (family health) and how masculine friendship and accountability work (relational health) through a connected series of weekly studies and facilitated discussions.

Men’s Get Healthy meets Tuesday evening from 6:30 – 8 PM for eight weeks (alongside Crossline Women’s Get Healthy Studies). There are 4 small group studies to choose from: Family, Friendship, Intimacy, Temptation

Get Strong

Located in the Education Center

Get Strong is a 1-year leadership development and ministry training plan for those who feel a desire to serve the church in a leadership capacity at Crossline Church.

The focus of Get Strong is exploring and experiencing the core beliefs and behaviors of God’s man. It is the natural progression from connection, to transformation, to activation into leadership training. Practically, men will look deeper at themselves and their impact on the kingdom while they take practical steps to discover their full identity as “God’s Man.” Get Strong is designed to teach men how to be disciples who, in turn, make other disciples.

Get Strong is available to graduates of all 4 Get Healthy classes meeting. Topics include: Risk, Fight, Dream, Soar

Get Going


A trained “God’s man” is responsible for ministry, reproducing leaders, and replacing pastoral staff in the execution and delivery of ministry to the people. At Crossline, his spiritual pathway doesn’t stop after he completes Get Strong. He has been carefully supported at each step with the right connective funnels, the right tools, and resources, and the right relationships to be successful. Now, it is time to Get Going.

At Crossline, “going” takes on many shapes and forms. A trained leader now has endless opportunities to lead others. Whether that means becoming a leader of one of the many programs Crossline currently offers, or starting a new ministry to share the gospel. He is considered a leader in the church and will be called upon to be a part of the spiritual pathway for others and share the gospel with those inside and outside his circle of influence to help infuse the church with spiritual warriors who are ready to lock arms and step into battle – AS ONE.