Meet Angie…

I’m so excited for you to meet Angie Wright!

This is the first of our online interviews, which we will do monthly, highlighting gals who are serving at Crossline, doing amazing things for God. If I were to introduce Angie to you live, on a stage, here’s what I’d say: “Angie is a wife, a mom, and a working girl, putting in full time hours with husband Ed at Regency Real Estate, which they established in 1994. But in spite of her busy schedule, she makes serving God and serving others a priority.  Ed and Angie are passionate about strengthening marriages, which led them to author Marriage by God, the premarital and marriage mentoring program we use here at Crossline.  Please welcome Angie!

Lori:  Hi Angie. And welcome!  If we were physically sitting down together, I know we’d be chatting over coffee.  Or tea. Which do you prefer?

Angie:  I love my tropical iced tea… everyday!

L:  Are you an introvert or extrovert?

A:  I am more of an introvert. I love people and spending time with others, but I need my alone time to recharge.

L:  Sun or shade?

A:  Sunshine makes me happy! 🙂

L: Left or Wright? (Tee-hee)

A: I am left-handed, but I married Wright.

L:  Ha! You are quick. I’m wondering if you prayed for 2 sons, so that they could be the Wright brothers?

A:  I actually did pray for sons. I was nervous to raise a daughter for some reason. I wasn’t thinking about them being the Wright brothers back then. I was thinking it would be fun to have a third son so I could have “My Three Sons.” Haha! Interesting though, our sons are in business together today as Wright Brothers, Inc.

L:  Tell us about your family.  what are the names and ages of your sons?  What do you love most about them?

A:  Casey, age 33, is bright, a great visionary, and a wonderful conversationalist. He has a beautiful heart to give to others.  Corey, age 32, has a wonderful head for business and has a way of connecting with people that is immediately warm and engaging. He loves people and everybody loves Corey. This past May he married a special girl who is beautiful both inside and out. One of the boys most endearing qualities is their strong love of family.

L:  How long have you and Ed been married?  And what do you love most about him?

A:  Ed and I have been married for 35 years. The thing I love the very most about Ed is his love for God and his passion to be a godly man. That melts my heart. <3 I also love and admire his entrepreneurial spirit. Status quo is never good enough for him. He is always looking for ways to learn more, improve and do things better. Life with him has definitely been an adventure!

L:  That leads us to your ministry and how you serve at Crossline Church. Please tell us the name of your ministry and what it is all about.

A:  Our ministry is called Marriage by God. It is a program in which premarital couples and married couples are mentored through a 6-week program by a mature Christian couple. It is very personalized and customized to meet the needs of the individual couples.

L:  Clearly, Premarital Counseling is for couples who are engaged to be married. But who is Marriage Mentoring for?

A:  Our Marriage Mentoring program is entitled, Putting the “Happily” Into Your Ever After. We like to refer to it as the cure for the common marriage. This is an excellent program for couples that believe their marriage is strong, but just want a little tune-up. It is also life changing for the couple that has fallen into a pit and is struggling to get back on track. The truth is all marriages experience times when they get off-track. This program is designed to give couples meaningful insights, biblical guidelines, fun exercises and helpful skills to help them get back on track more quickly and with less hurt. We have seen this program move marriages from good to great. We have also seen marriages move from the depths of despair to better than they ever dreamed possible!

L: What results have you seen from couples who have gone through Marriage Mentoring?

A:  Through this ministry we have had front row seats to watch God show up and do miracles in the lives of couples. None of the mentor couples are professional counselors so we have to rely on the work of the Holy Spirit. We have seen so many couple’s marriages be transformed into the oneness that God always intended. The real beauty is that now the couples are modeling this to their families, kids and other couples. So the gift goes on. (You can watch and read some of the testimonies on our website at MarriagebyGod.org.)

L: How have you personally been blessed serving the Lord by serving couples at Crossline?

A:  When we originally got involved in the Premarital Ministry it was so that we could “give back to God.” I laugh at that now, because we came to realize that you cannot out give God. As we have worked in this ministry, our own marriage has been blessed  beyond measure. There is an added joy when every one of our mentor couples has experienced the same blessing from God. It has also been rich to see God working in such an amazing way in the lives of the couples we get to mentor.

L:  What encouragement do you have for women who are thinking about finding a place to jump in and use their passions and gifts for God?

A:  DO IT!  There is no greater joy in life than knowing you are doing what God placed you here to do. If you feel that your life is too busy, remember, God is the Creator of time. If you are doing what you are supposed to be doing for the Lord, He will bless your time. I have seen this play out over and over again. If you are feeling scared or overwhelmed, that is the enemy. If God can use simple fishermen to spread the Gospel to the world, then trust Him to use you where He plants. you. You will be so glad that you did.

You can connect with Angie or inquire about Premarital Counseling or Marriage Mentoring at their Marriage by God website or FaceBook page.

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