A Note from Nancy

The Crossline Kids team is excited to release fun daily suggestions for your families during these times spent at home!

These ideas are meant to help you keep the focus on God. We are calling it Journey to Easter. This can be done together, or individually, enabling their precious brains to be occupied by life-giving media. Journey to Easter will be accessible in the full format via our Right Now Media platform. Small parts will be shared on our Facebook Group page, Instagram and this website.

However your family chooses to use it, we would love to hear how it works for YOU! Please know Crossline Kids team is praying for you and we are here for you.  Scroll down to find all of our contacts!


Crossline Kids  •  9am & 11am

ALL KIDS WELCOME! Kids, ages Nursery to 5th grade, are invited to join an amazing team of leaders as we strive to learn something new about God every day.

In the Crossline Kids, your children should feel safe and have fun! We play as we learn. All leaders are screened and the building is monitored by the Crossline Security Team.

Check-in stations are at both entrances on the main floor.
The North entrance is equipped with a ramp for strollers.

Hope to see you this Sunday!

Early Childhood: INFANTS THRU 4 YEARS

For our youngest church attendees, our team creates a happy and secure atmosphere. Comfort, safety, and loving care are priorities for our little ones as our volunteers communicate God’s love through gentle care, conversation, and simple songs and activities. After checking in and getting stickers, this age group is dropped off and picked up in their classrooms.


Learning simple Bible lessons & age appropriate basics of the faith through small-group Bible discovery, crafts, activities, and large-group music and storytelling. Our aim is to turn foundational Bible truths into fun-sized practical application. After checking in and getting stickers, this age group is dropped off and picked up in their classrooms.

GRADES 2 -5th

Every Sunday is a CELEBRATION! Beginning with ‘hang out time’ in room 207, kids will experience large group with music, storytelling and group activities. Small group time in their classrooms downstairs, includes opening God’s word and learning how to apply the truths found in the Bible to our lives. After checking in, this age group is dropped off upstairs in room 207 and picked up downstairs in their labeled classrooms.