Crossline Kids meets at 9 am and 11 am on Sundays, upstairs in the Ed Building. Open to kids from Nursery to 5th grades, we have creative programming, amazing screened volunteers, and clean facilities.

At Crossline Kids we embrace the journey together to Love God, Love People, and Have a Blast! We also desire to equip you to guide your kids on a path to learning more about God and living a life following Jesus.

First-time guests, start at the check-in counter at the entrance and we will get you and your kids connected!


June 27 – June 30

TVBS WARRIORS OF DABAR will be overflowing with experiences, adventures, fun, and memories! There will be dramas, famous guests, water recreation, and the return of the ‘turbo-chute’ water slide! Special musical guests, Your Friends, will be returning!

It is a year of ‘words’! DABAR is Hebrew for ‘word.’ Learn and explore what Jesus says about us and how to tell others about Jesus! We will learn the power behind words and how to use them to build up the lives of others. Becoming Warriors of The Word!



May 8
God can deliver anyone
May 8
We can share God’s miracles
May 1
We are God’s messengers
April 24
Did you know we can trust Jesus?


Jul 05

Men’s Get Healthy Launch
Tuesday, July 5 / 6:30 PM

Jul 05

Women’s Get Healthy Launch
Tuesday, July 5 / 6:30 PM

Jul 05

MS Summer Nights
Tuesday, July 5 / 7:00 PM

Jul 10

Baby Dedications
Sunday, July 10

Aug 28

Sunday, August 28 / 4:00 PM

Sep 11

Baby Dedications
Sunday, September 11