A Summer Case of FOMO


We lost connection.

With solicitors. (You don’t hear me crying about this one.)

And a few doctors offices, intent on confirming appointments. And we missed our scheduling call for the Terminix man. Imagine my surprise to hear a knock on the door at 6am~ on a summer morning. Still in my robe, I peeked through the peephole to see him standing proudly in his khaki uniform, ready to rid our property of unwanted pests.

Our home phone was broken for nearly a year. Of course, I had my cell. But because several businesses and, more importantly, longtime friends still use our landline, we were not fully connected without it. This left me feeling disconnected and a little rattled on more than one occasion. Being disconnected can be inconvenient, leaving us out of touch with a case of FOMO. Acronyms for emotions are not just for teenagers. Most of us don’t have to go that far back to remember the fear of missing out or feeling alone.

How about you? Are you fully connected?

Summer brings new routines. Kids are home from school. Days are longer and life is less scheduled, even for those of us who work. Women’s Bible studies and MOPS take a break and do not meet on campus again until fall. Out of our normal routines, it’s easy to feel disconnected and isolated.

Our ministry to women is called Heartline because we are all about connections of the heart~ to God and to each other. God created us for relationship with Him, which we fully experience when we are also in relationship with each other. Without the encouraging friendships of our Godly girlfriends, we miss out on the abundance of all God has in store for us.

Here are a few ideas to stay connected over the summer months:

  • New Blog!  Subscribe at the bottom of this page, then check in weekly to keep updated on all that’s going on. We’re going to start posting regularly, sharing encouragement from God’s Word, tips, recipes, interviews and more.
  • Check out our FB page: Crossline Church Women’s Ministry. It’s updated weekly with details on upcoming events and the scoop on your Heartline groups and girlfriends.
  • Meet a friend for coffee. Fill up with caffeine and Godly perspective from a sweet friend.
  • Schedule a beach day. Invite your small group and a few new friends, as well. Easy and fun.
  • Come to Crossline every Sunday. Hang out on the patio after worship service~ catch up with old friends and meet some new friends, too.
  • Ask about opportunities to serve others at Crossline this summer. Email me for ideas at [email protected].
  • Don’t miss the Crossline Wednesday Family Fun nights in July. Details at crosslinechurch.com and on our Crossline Church Women’s Ministry FB page.
  • Call a Heartline friend to catch up~ encourage her to stay connected, too 🙂

Be intentional about staying in touch this summer. I don’t mind losing contact with solicitors or being surprised by the bug man every now and then. But I’d be heart sick to lose touch with you… or have any of us come back in the fall feeling like we missed out on the opportunity to be blessed by time spent with amazing Crossline girlfriends during these summer months of sun and fun.

What will you do to stay connected this summer?[row_start]Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.06.50 PM[row_end]

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