Dave Brodsky

Missions Director - The Global Mission

Elders, Missionaries

Dave Brodsky is the founder and president of The Global Mission. Dedicated to forming partnerships for the sake of God’s Kingdom, Dave launched the Chanje Movement in 2010, and more recently created and serves as CEO for MissionsRace and MissionsFestival. He also serves on the elder board for Crossline Church.

In his own words: “Jesus rescued me from suicide at age 18 and transformed my life. Since that moment, there’s never been a purpose in living one day longer if it’s not for Him. God has given me direction and meaning and a fruitful ministry for nearly 25 years bringing the Gospel to those who’ve never heard. My wife Anne and I are raising two awesome boys in Mission Viejo, and have had the privilege of envisioning, equipping and involving followers of Jesus Christ in His Kingdom work in more than 20 countries around the world.”

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