On-Campus Experience

Crossline On-Campus Experience


We’re so grateful and excited to gather together again for in-person worship experiences at our Crossline Church campus. We aim to provide you with a safe place to gather as we prepare to receive you and your family this weekend.


Our services are back in the Worship Center at 9 AM & 11 AM LIVE! We can accommodate people in the worship center and maintain safe social distancing. In addition, we will be streaming the services to other venues with LED Walls on our campus that can hold up to 100 people as well.  Those venues will be our:



These services will be live-streamed online if you cannot attend in person for any reason.


In an effort to make our campus clean, we will wipe clean all armrests and high-touch surfaces with a hospital-grade solution as much as possible before, and after services. Additionally, all HVAC units at all campuses will continuously run prior to and during all services to maximize indoor air quality.

Each person in our church family falls somewhere along the spectrum of attitudes toward social distancing guidelines, from very cautious to not worried at all. With selflessness, respect, and kindness, we desire to accommodate those who are most cautious. We want them to feel welcomed and experience services with us in person.  It is strongly recommended but not required that you wear a mask while in buildings if you are going to be closer than 6 feet from other families/groups please plan on wearing a mask.

Crossline is private property and anyone coming on our campus understands the risks of COVID  We also strongly encourage those in the high-risk, vulnerable population to stay home and tune in online here, at CrosslineChurch.com, or via our Facebook Live.

Hand sanitizer stations are strategically placed throughout our campus.  We also encourage you to bring hand sanitizer that you can keep in your pocket or bag.

All seats in the sanctuary will be sanitized multiple times throughout the week. As you arrive on campus, we will direct you while practicing social distancing. Capacity in seating areas is determined by the social distancing that can be maintained in each of our campus venues. Please responsibly and reasonably practice social distancing as you choose your seat(s). While family groups can sit together in public seating areas, we encourage you to sit at least six feet apart from other individuals or families. We’re also providing several family-friendly seating choices in our courtyard, Fellowship Center, and Chapel.

Q & A

Q: When will we meet at 100 percent capacity?

A: When we receive approval from our leaders. Please pray for them to have wisdom and discernment as they make decisions.

Q: Can we sing during worship?

A: While our worship leaders will not ask you to sing along with them, they will also not discourage you from doing so. If you prefer not to sit near anyone singing, you may change seats to best accommodate your preference.

Q: What if I need counsel or prayer from a leader or pastor?

A: Pastors and leaders are available for counsel or prayer and will maintain social distancing. Additionally, you can also submit your prayer request online, here.

Q: Will restrooms be cleaned and will they be open to maximum capacity?

A: Yes. They will be cleaned prior to services.

Q: Will you continue to offer worship services online?

A: Yes. All regularly scheduled worship services will stream online on crosslinechurch.com, on Facebook, and YouTube. Our worship services on Sundays at 9 and 11 am and all other mid-week offerings will continue to feature live chat and live prayer with our Crossline Hosts.

We hope you’ll join us in-person or online this Sunday.

Your Crossline Church Leadership