Marriage Matters


We are thrilled to announce to you our exceptional lineup of speakers and topics for Crossline’s 2022 season of Marriage Matters events!

Marriage Matters events are a way that we, as a church, promote healthy, thriving marriages…something we all want! This year, we are focusing on a theme of “Undoing the Things that Undo Us,” and with each event, we will address the things in life that most commonly and constantly cause division between married couples. Walking away from each of these events, you will be equipped with practical and straightforward ways to recognize and undo those dividers.

We encourage you, as a couple, to take full advantage of each of our offerings this year and fill your “marriage toolbelt” as you hear from nationally acclaimed speakers! Come and laugh, come and eat, come and learn, come and connect.

2022 DATES


Friday 05/13/22 – Doug Fields – That One Thing that can Immediately Change your Marriage

The thing Doug will talk about is one you’ve done before… you know it… you’ve experienced it… you were once (probably) good at it, but you may have forgotten about it or got out of practice. The more you forget and the less you do it, the more it will continue to UNDO the relationship with your spouse. Hope is here! Join us for Marriage Matters and rediscover the action, put it into practice, and watch your marriage immediately get healthier! It will be a night of connection and a whole lot of fun! 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm in the Fellowship Center, Dinner and Childcare Provided

Saturday 09/24 – Crossline panel hosted by JP and Donna Jones – Romance Roadblocks

Finish out the summer with your spouse and a community of couples at Crossline. This casual, family-style evening will be an incredible opportunity to spend time with old friends and meet new ones! We encourage you to come with your Community Group and hear unscripted, practical, wise, and undoubtedly hilarious answers from Crossline leaders to common marriage challenges. 5:00-7:00 pm on the Crossline Field, Dinner and Childcare Provided

Friday 11/11 and Saturday 11/12 – Milan and Kay Yerkovich – A How We Love Attachment Styles Extended Workshop.

We are privileged to welcome acclaimed marriage counselors/speakers Milan and Kay Yerkovich to Crossline for a two-day Marriage Matters event! So many of the things that tend to UNDO us as couples originate not from the actions or choices we make in our marriage but from the formational years before we were married. When you married your spouse, you married someone who, to no surprise, doesn’t think, act and love the same way YOU do. However, conflict can often arise when you expect them to behave that way. We invite you to take an evening and morning away and be equipped to love them with a far better approach. Friday, 5:00 to 11:00pm and Saturday 7:30am to 1pm. Meals, social opportunities, activities, and childcare are provided!