A Community Group is a place to be known and grow in the context of 3-16 friends gathering consistently in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, or otherwise for life-giving relationships and meaningful conversations.

Designed to help you learn more about the Bible in an experiential and relational setting, Community Groups are a great way to connect at Crossline. Click below to get connected today!



Getting to know the God of the Bible

Who is God? A simple yet unfathomably deep question. More importantly, are you GETTING TO KNOW THE GOD OF THE BIBLE? Perhaps no question more informs the way we live our lives than this question. Maybe that is where we start…looking at our lives. What does your life say about your answer to this question? How would understanding him more fully and accurately impact your thoughts, relationships, and actions?

In this 5-week series, you will examine the character and attributes of the God of the Bible. You will learn to understand God better, to trust in him with all your heart, and to live, pray and obey with condence. Big thoughts about God inspire big faith, and big faith motivates big action! God is beckoning you, “who do you say I AM?


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