HS Mexico Mission Mission Trip 2023

Apr 2, 2023 - Apr 7, 2023

Parents and high schoolers of Crux we are excited to announce that we are going back into the international mission field with our Mexico Mission Trip to Ensenada during Spring Break 2023!!!

That’s right, it is official, the High Schoolers of Crux will be heading ON MISSION to Mexico from April 2nd – April 7th in partnership with the Global Mission (a Crossline Church ministry partner!) and YUGO ministries. Both of these organizations have EXTENSIVE mission trip experience. The Global Mission has organized mission trips all over the world for various teams (including a bunch with Crossline), and YUGO has been working exclusively in the Ensenada area for many years with a focus on doing trips for high school, college, and young adult teams from across the nation. In fact, we will be staying at the incredible YUGO compound in Ensenada.

This trip provides an incredible opportunity for students to engage deeply in their walk with Jesus by bringing the message AND service of Christ to the least of these. On this trip students will be spending the majority of their time on a work project to build a home (home is an intentional word choice, because these structures are not the typical loft house style!) for a family in need in the Ensenada area. Additionally, our students will have some outreach opportunities in the neighborhood where we will be building the house that can include handing out meal/supply bags, praying for people, and evangelizing. Students who have attended our previous mission trip opportunities have come back with changed perspectives and lives when it comes to themselves and others, because of what they did and saw while on mission.

Check out this video below for a more in depth look at what our high schoolers have done on previous mission trips!

Also, you can check out this other video from our Crossline Men’s Mexico trip earlier this year to catch a glimpse of some of things we will be doing on our trip!


This trip is unlike any other that we have here in Crux, so there is a different registration process for this trip.

One of the important things to know about this trip is that Crux is PARTNERING with The Global Mission and YUGO ministries. This means that student registration and the trip itinerary are being handled by the fine folks at these two AMAZING mission organizations.

If, in the process of signing up for this trip, there are any questions please direct them to: [email protected]

This trip will be taking place from April 2nd – April 7th and the cost for this trip will be between $1,100 to $1,350 (we are still finalizing some details, which will affect the final cost. However, once we have the cost nailed down we will provide a financial breakdown of the trip) with a $200 non-refundable deposit due at registration (this is included in the total cost). We recognize this is a very large sum of money, however part of the process of attending this trip is raising financial support. As a student begins the application process for this trip they will be given materials in order to try and help them raise the required amount of money for this trip so that they can go (though if a student is unable to raise their full amount, then they will need to pay the difference owed).

In order to prepare students for serving in Mexico, there will be training meetings leading up to the trip. These meetings are MANDATORY. Part of making the decision to go to Mexico should also include whether or not you will be able to make these meetings, since they are critical for team bonding and equipping/training the students going.

Meeting 1: Sunday December 11th 1:00pm @ Crossline Church (this meeting will be different than the others, because the focus of this meeting will be on how fundraise for the trip)

Meeting 2: Sunday February 5th 1:00pm @ Crossline Church

Meeting 3: Sunday March 19th 1:00pm @ Crossline Church

What takes place on this trip by the power of God’s Spirit is hard to describe, and is something that will leave a life long imprint on a student. In light of this, please be prayerful in your decision making process on whether or not you want to attend. Make sure to have all parties on board and in agreement if you are choosing to go.

Overall Details:

Cost: Between $1,100 – $1,350 (this includes a $200 non-refundable deposit)

When: Sunday April 2nd – Friday April 7th

Where: Ensenada, Mexico

Who: High Schoolers 9th-12th grade


If you would like to begin the application process for the high school Mexico trip click the link below: