Group Profiles

Lynn and Teresa Dobosy


Our small group is made up of singles and married couples with adult kids. We have kayaked together, golfed, eaten lots of meals, played games,  studied God’s Word, and prayed each other through the storms of life. There is a lot of buzz and laughter when we meet together Wednesdays at 6:30. If you’d like to join some fun Crossline folk we welcome you to check us out.

Frank Dopp and Jill Rolls


We lead a group open to everyone: married, single, younger or older, who just want to get to know Jesus better and follow him more closely. We are currently meeting on Friday evenings in Irvine, and would love to have you join us! “

Chriss Buban


Hi there! I’m hosting a woman’s group on Monday nights and if you are looking for a group, we’d love to provide a place for you! We are are a large, fun group of ladies from a variety of life stages. The conversation is lively, relational and Jesus-focused!

John and Becky Pehrson


Our group has been for several years in the Ladera Ranch area. We are a group of couples primarily with older kids. We meet on Sunday evenings and it’s always filled with laughter, but also with real life. We love going to the Bible and praying for each other.  Our group is currently at full capacity.


Brad and Crystal Knight


Our group consists of couples and young families. In the midst of the craziness, we prioritize this time for studying God’s word and growing needed friendships! We do life together! (With lots of baby wipes) Please join us!

Bob and Colleen Heineman


Our group has been meeting for many years and we have grown very close, but also are very receptive of others jumping in. We are mostly empty-nesters who are seeking to live out our faith in a real way in this season of life. We have fun together and cherish the relationships we have. Please join us!

Kat Minotta


Our group is in Lake Forest by the El Toro HS off Ridge Route. We are a group of gals growing in the Lord and building deep friendships together. Nobody Not Connected… So feel free to join us! We meet on Tuesdays. My group is currently at full capacity.

Todd and Barbara Amy


We have been married for 20 years. We are proud parents to two teenage boys – Nathan, age 16, is a high school junior and is obsessed with all things baseball. Joshua, age 13, is an 8th grader who loves soccer, reading, music, and art. Our group is primarily made up of adults who are parenting teens and older kids. We meet on Monday nights, live in Laguna Hills and would love to have you join our group!

Brandon and Micah Hayden


Hi! We’re Micah and Brandon Hayden. Brandon is on staff full time with Crossline and Micah volunteers with the worship ministry. We host a Young Adult Community Group in Lake Forest about 10 minutes away from Crossline. We range from the early ’20s to early ’30s with singles and couples alike! Our group is currently at full capacity.

Daniel and Karly Genberg


Hi! We’re Daniel & Karly Genberg.  We host a Young Adult Community Group in Costa Mesa on Friday nights. We have a mixed group of singles and couples from the early ’20s to early ’30s and are also part of the Summit Young Adult ministry. We’d love to have you join us!

Mike and Nora Higa


Our group consists of “mature” couples and “young adults” that have supported each other through sickness, death, and difficulties.  We strive to understand God’s word by studying books of the bible, using video series, and sermon messages.  We believe prayer is powerful, so we will pray for each other and use a prayer app to stay connected. We’d love to have you join us!

Kyler and Aria Kaufman


Our group has been together for about 4 years. We’ve grown together through pregnancies and career changes to other big life events.  We’ve prayed together, laughed together, and grown deeper in Christ together. I couldn’t imagine doing life without our life group!

Kurt and Danica Ebner


Our community group came together with 5-6 couples looking for connection through Studying God’s word together. Some couples have known each other since our kids were in kindergarten and some of those couples brought their neighbors and now we are a group of twenty with ten couples with high school and college aged kids. Our plan is to continue to grow closer by diving into God’s word and doing life together. We would all agree this group has been a huge blessing to us and our families. Our group is pretty big but please contact us if you think we would be a great fit…nobody not connected!

Howard Mazer


We are a Men’s Small Group. We have many who are fairly well along in our spiritual journeys but we have always remained open and welcoming to men from any background and stage of their journey. We meet Tuesday nights at 7:00 via Zoom. Join us!

Mike & Holly Mora


We lead a group for couples! Our group meets on Thursday nights from 6:30-8PM in Ladera Ranch. We love to eat, laugh and learn about Jesus as we navigate the years raising teens and young adults. Our group is currently at full capacity.

Staci and Travis Rozas


We are a group of mixed life stages meeting in Ladera Ranch. We love to laugh, learn about Jesus and do life together. Our group is currently at full capacity.

Cherie and Mark Childers / John and Suzanne Miller


The Childers and Millers are hosting a community group in Coto/Robinson Ranch area.  We are parents of high school seniors and college-aged young adults and a few of them will be joining us!  We meet at 7:00 p.m. on Friday nights and would love to have you join us!

Adam and Lauren Carter


We are a group of families with young kids that meet on Sundays from 4-6pm. We totally understand the need for community in this season of life and so, if that is you, we’d love to help provide that! We have child care during our sessions and make the most of our time connecting about life and seeking Jesus together!