Tuesday Traveling Hangs

Hey Crux Fam!  Happy summer! It is finally here!!!

During the school year, the Crux Team started Tuesday Hangs where they would post up in a neighborhood near you on Tuesday afternoons to check in, chat, do some homework, and hang.  Basically, the idea was, you guys are all SUPER busy during the school year, so they would come to a shopping center or Starbucks near you to hang and say hi!

Well, the Crux Team is taking that idea on the road for the summer edition of “Tuesday Hangs,” called… “TUESDAY TRAVELING HANGS.”  What makes it traveling?  Well, Crux Team will come to you all over, different beaches & locations every week and sometimes multiple locations in one day!  It will be up to you to vote where on the @crosslinesm instagram.

Picture this, you’re at Salt Creek with all of your friends.  It’s a hotter than normal beach day and you’re out of your delicious ice cold Arizona (or even worse you have some left but it’s not ice cold anymore RIP).  You don’t want to leave because you guys have a prime spot.  But then!  You see on insta that the Crux Team is at Salt Creek for “Tuesday Traveling Hangs” with ice cold drinks and bomb snacks for all.  You tell your friends and all head over for some FREE and DELICIOUS snacks AND you save the beach day for your friends AND you get to say hey to the coolest YouthMin staff around.  Win, win, win!

The Deets:

Who: YOU and all of the peeps with you at the beach!

What: Cold drinks & warm hellos!

When:  Every Other Tuesday 12-2pm

Where: Wherever you vote!

Why: Because it’s summer and we want to see you guys & say hey!

Cost: FREE