We call our Children’s Ministry “Gameday” Where our kids learn to TAKE THE FIELD, KNOW THE BOOK, and PLAY TO WIN!


Specific requirements:

  • Beginning Childhood (infants – 3 years) volunteers communicate God’s love through gentle care, and simple songs and activities.
  • Early childhood (4 years – Grade 1) volunteers teach solid Bible story doctrine and age-appropriate basics of the faith through small-group discussion, activities and a large-group music & storytelling experience with Dean-o!
  • Later childhood (Grades 2 -5) volunteers teach God’s Word as a whole and encourage kids to explore and discover its uniqueness on their own initiative through small and large-group encounters with God’s Word.
  • Time commitment is once a month in Beginning childhood and weekly in Early and Later Childhood.


Specific requirements:

  • GAMEDAY “Coaches” huddle weekly as a team for prayer and enrichment before the program begins.
  • GAMEDAY volunteers meet individually with the staff to qualify as a volunteer for children.


Specific requirements:

  • Volunteers are used weekly to perform administrative tasks both in and outside the church office.
  • During yearly events such as TVBS or camps, volunteers perform tasks both in and outside the church office.
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