Crux Calendar Moving Forward

Hey Crux Fam!

As our ministry begins to navigate this new season in light of the coronavirus we still want to try as hard as we can to stay connected with one another, despite not being able to see each other in person. In light of this, our team has developed a calendar for this next season that can help us keep our Crux fam connected. Additionally, we know that a lot of normal routines have shifted around, so our new calendar has sought to keep as much normalcy and consistency as possible each week. Below is a general overview of how Crux is going to provide content, community, and care in order to encourage our students each week as we navigate this new season together!

Again, just to reiterate the weekly offerings we will be having:

Sundays: Crossline Church Livestream @ 9am and 11am

Mondays: Crux Instagram Connection (each week through our @crosslinesm Instagram we will offering a new way for our students to connect with us!)

Tuesdays: God’s Word Live @ 10am

Wednesdays: CruxGroup Calls @ 7pm

Thursdays: God’s Word Live @ 10am

Fridays: Crux Events / Crux Serve Events (these will switch off every other week, and we will be doing new stuff for each one!)

Also, in going digital we will be leaning heavily on our @crosslinesm instagram page, so make sure you give us a follow there to stay up to date each week!