“MORE” Tips





This is the year of MORE.

To have MORE you have to get more. More wisdom. More encouragement. More support from Godly friends. More insight from God’s Word. More connection with Christ. Be MORE by getting more. It’s our theme this year and it’s all about MORE of what you cannot buy, all about the MORE of life that you get from God.

In the spirit of MORE, we kicked off our Thursday morning groups last week with MORE tips. Girlfriends share things and we thought it only right to begin our season together by sharing MORE of what friends share: beauty, cleaning and fitness tips.  As our wise, adorable leaders shared their insights, we all leaned forward and listened intently~ we didn’t want to miss a word. Because sometimes it was difficult to hear over the bursts of laughter and fun:)  Our leaders and their MORE tips were such a hit, that we were asked to post them here for all to see.

Next to God and Bible study and family and Heartline girlfriends, here’s MORE of what every girl should know…

  • Leota:  Did you know you can use a dryer sheet to get rid of hard water stains on your shower doors?
  • Arla:  Use a rubber band wrapped around the jar lid to open jars with really tight lids. I have been doing this for years and it always works!
  • Jen:  The Gleener, on Amazon. It’s the ultimate fuzz remover for your clothes. It has three different attachments so you can use it on delicate fabrics too. and you don’t need batteries!
  • Sheryl:  Use a lint roller to dust lamp shades and the leaves of silk plants.
  • Donna:  No time to iron? Downy wrinkle release. A quick spray and you are wrinkle free and good to go.
  • Cathryn:  Nail Polish Pens. There’s a brush on one end and pen on the other. To decorate your nails or label your personal belongings, like the phone charger which always seems to be “borrowed.”
  • Kerrie:  Have you tried Mr. Clean Magic Erasers?  Magically erases tough dirt, grime and scuff marks without scouring or scratching. Just moisten with water and wipe clean!
  • Leslie: Love and embrace your face just as it is. You’ve earned all it’s spots from pregnancy or sun-filled days. Crows feet from laughing and smiling. Elevens between your eyebrows from concern and worry, that I hope you have given to God. And for me, the deep lines in my forehead from mirroring my husband’s animated brows as he talks. Embrace your face~ you’ve earned it!
  • Diane:  Everyone should have a Remote Control Box or Basket sitting on their family room sofa table. Then your remotes will always have a “home” and you will save MORE time by not having to search for them all the time.
  • Brooke:  You must try the Microneedle Skin Care System by New Spa, from Amazon. It’s good for skin complexion improvement, wrinkle reduction  and face rejuvenation. Your skin will feel silky smooth. But I can’t say it isn’t painful.
  • Jean E.:  Twice a week I use a facial scrub of about two parts sugar to one part olive oil, mixed into a thick paste. I scrub my face with it and leave it on while I shampoo and bathe. Then I rinse it off. The sugar gently removes dry skin, while the oil moisturizes, leaving my face more moisturized, soft and glowing.
  • Staci:  When there is no time for ironing, we use a water bottle.  A squirt and a tug and we are out the door!
  • Martina:  Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide are the only household cleaners you will ever need. Dilute with water, then use on counter tops, clothes (for stains and odor), animal stains, mirrors, glass, disinfecting and more. Look up the many uses on Pinterest.
  • Lori:  Dryer balls. Stop spending money on an endless supply of dryer sheets. Decreases the amount of time it takes to dry clothes and eliminates wrinkles,  extra lint and static electricity. Saves money because they last forever (well, almost.) Non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and non-perfumed.
  • Gerri:  Coconut oil. Use as moisturizer on face, skin and fingernails to prevent dryness and splitting. Shampoo with it to calm dry frizzy hair. There’s more… Google it’s many uses.
  • The tip that got the most laughs came from Julie:  DIMRS Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers. Put DIMRS on, turn your “headlights” off! You’ll just have to do your own research to discover why we all need a pair.
  • And that’s about all the advice a girl can handle for one day 🙂  See you at Bible study for MORE.