Important COVID-19 ministry changes detailed here: Men’s Ministry – COVID-19 Update


As a committed community of Christ-followers – Crossline men choose to be in the arena.

We know that as a man you have many options in life. Crossline Men choose to take the narrow road – the one that requires us to deny ourselves and serve the higher purpose of aggressively loving God and people. It is our identity. Our church was started by asking men to “cross the line” of commitment and we’ve never stopped since. Without apology, we welcome all men to this proud tradition of having not only a heart for God but also a spiritual spine to match it. Our goal is nothing short of helping you become God’s man who engages God’s purposes for your life. Our vision is clear. Our relationships are deep. Our results speak for themselves.

The greatest gift Crossline can give to our women, children, families, and community is a spiritually and relationally healthy man because they are in high demand but low supply.

So what can you expect as a man here at Crossline?

You can expect to be encouraged in godly convictions, strengthened relationally, and sharpened in your commitments to God and people. You can expect to be encouraged to pursue a spiritual pathway of growth that involves getting IN, getting HEALTHY, getting STRONG, and getting GOING. You can expect to hear those four words a lot because they define the process that produces the product – God’s man. Each step on the men’s pathway has its own unique gatherings and events that will inspire, challenge and stretch you to become the man God created you to be as well become the man those closest to you need you to be. Each step is progressive both in connection and commitment. Each step is produces the next level of growth and leadership. Each step requires humility and faith.

So while we come from different backgrounds and we are in different stages of our journey in Christ, we have a single mission – to be God’s man. We want that identity to command our personal energy and our public expression. And when the drum sounds, we are going to come out fighting – AS ONE.

Are you ready to take the step forward and begin your spiritual journey with us? If so, head on over to Get In and find out more…

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