Marriage Matters

Because we all want a great marriage!

Marriage Matters is a fun, quarterly event designed to provide practical tips for a healthy and thriving marriage. Join with other couples for a lively night of dinner, laughter, dynamic teaching and great conversation.

Next Event: Sept 7, 5:30-7:30pm

“Boomerang: A Better Way to Manage Tension in your Marriage”

This fall, we are excited to welcome marriage counselors and authors Brian and Linda Seitz as they unpack better ways to deal with tension, anger and stress in our marriages.

  • $50 per couple + $10 for optional childcare.
  • Dinner Included (Award winning BBQ)
  • Crossline Fellowship Center
  • Casual to Semi-formal attire (Whatever you would wear on a casual date).
  • Several scholarships available. Contact for more info.

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About Brian and Linda…

Brian and Linda Seitz have spent over a decade as Christian Lay Counselors and as leaders in Marriage Ministry.  They continually find ways to help marriages as they pull from the many “Peaks and Valleys” within their own 30 year marriage.  Being unequally yoked (7 years), enduring a law enforcement career, having cancer and autoimmune diagnosis, raising three children that are married and now enjoying two grandbabies has given them the opportunity to see God work in the craziest of times.  They believe that all of these stories are meant to be shared in order to help others gain hope in their own circumstances. They are passionate about caring for people through marriages, families, parenting and mentorship.  www.peaksandvalleys.life