Crux HS Haiti Spring Break Mission Trip 2019

Parents and High Schoolers of Crux we are excited to announce that we are going to Haiti during Spring Break 2019!!!

That’s right, it is official, the High Schoolers of Crux will be heading ON MISSION to Haiti from March 29th – April 5th in partnership with the Global Mission (a Crossline Church ministry partner!) and the Chanje movement.

This trip provides an incredible opportunity for students to get a taste for bringing the message AND service of Christ to a country that we have a huge heart for here at Crossline.

On this trip students will be spending time with orphans at several orphanages that the Chanje movement sponsors, working with Haitian students, serving meals to different villages, doing work projects, sharing the Gospel, praying for people and caring for the least of these in Haiti. Students who have attended this trip in the past have come back with changed perspectives and lives when it comes to themselves and others, because of what they do and see while in Haiti.

Check out this video below for a more in depth look at what our high schoolers did in Haiti last year!


Since this trip is unlike any other that we have here in our ministry, there is a different registration process for this trip.

One of the important things to know about this trip is that Crux is PARTNERING with The Global Mission. This means that student registration and the trip itinerary are being handled by the fine folks at the Global Mission (a Crossline Church ministry partner!). Since the earthquake in 2010 the Global Mission has been doing extensive work in Haiti (between 6-10 trips a year). We are in very good hands with people who know the country and the people we will be working with.

If, in the process of signing up for this trip, there are any questions please direct them to: [email protected]

Since this mission trip is an international one, and one that carries a lot of service as well as spiritual weight we are only opening this trip up to High Schoolers who are in 9th-12th grade.

This trip will be taking place from March 29th – April 5th and the cost for this trip is $2,495 with a $295 non-refundable deposit. We recognize that this is a very large sum of money, but part of the process of attending this trip is raising support. As a student begins the application process for this trip they will be given materials to help them raise the required amount of money for this trip, so that they can go.

[[When you click the link below to begin the process of registering for this trip you will also see a detailed outline of what the $2,495 cost is going towards.]]

In order to prepare students for serving in Haiti, there will be training meetings leading up to the trip. These meetings are MANDATORY and coincide with payment deadlines for the trip. Part of making the decision to go to Haiti should also include whether or not you will be able to make these meetings, since they are critical for team bonding and equipping/training the students going. The dates and money needing to be raised by each date can be found below:

Meeting 1: Sunday December 2nd 1:00pm @ Crossline Church

Meeting 2: Sunday January 27th 1:00pm @ Crossline Church (Additional $600 due)

Meeting 3: Sunday February 24th 1:00pm @ Crossline Church (Additional $755 due)

Meeting 4: Sunday March 24th 1:00pm @ Crossline Church (Additional $845 due)

($295 non-refundable deposit + $600 + $755 + $845 = $2,495)

What takes place on this trip by the power of God’s Spirit is hard to describe, and is something that will leave a life long imprint on a student. In light of this, please be prayerful in your decision making process on whether or not you want to attend. Make sure to have all parties on board and in agreement if you are choosing to go.

SPOTS ARE LIMITED, if this is something that you want to be a part of you’ll want to register quick!

Overall Details:

Cost: $2,495 (this includes a $295 non-refundable deposit)

When: Friday March 29th – Friday April 5th

Who: High School 9th-12th grade


Before registering please ALSO read over these financial commitment details  for the trip:

Click HERE!

After you’ve read the above financial details and would like to begin the registration process for the High School Haiti trip:

Register HERE!