Want a glimpse of our women’s ministry?

Check out this video from our most recent women’s gathering in September, Radiate.

“Meet Jenn Trujillo

Meet Stephany Randazzo

Meet Veronica Kaufman

Warm and friendly faces, real and encouraging conversation, inspiration to make God number one in your life… this is what you will find at Heartline Bible studies and events. The women of Crossline are all about heart connections~ with God and with each other.

There is a place for women of all ages, at every stage of life. Small groups are always open, so please feel free to join our Bible studies or MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) at any time. We look forward to meeting you!

Crossline Women’s Fall 2019 Calendar

Monday Night Bible Study
October 14 – December 9 (no meeting November 25): 20/20 Seen – Chosen – Sent by Christine Caine (7 – 9pm)
Tuesday Night Get Healthy for Women
October 15 – November 12: Get Healthy: CONFIDENCE or Get Strong (6:30 – 8pm)
Wednesday Morning Precepts
October 16- December 4 (no meeting November 27 & will resume Jan 8): Genesis Part 2- The Fall, The Flood and The Nations
Thursday Morning Bible Study
October 17 – December 12 (no meeting November 28): 20/20 Seen – Chosen – Sent by Christine Caine (9:15 – 11:30am)
Friday Morning Women’s Prayer
Weekly: Meets in the Chapel (9 – 10am)

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Crossline Women’s Ministry FAQ’s

Q: “What’s Heartline?”

A: Heartline is the name of the women’s ministry at Crossline Church. Simply put, if you’re a woman and you come to Crossline (or want to start), you’re a part of Heartline at Crossline! We’re a community of gals that desire to do life together as women of God. We’re all about connections of the heart—connections to God and connections to other women. Whether you’re plugged into a weekly Bible Study with us or can only come to church on Sundays, we want you to know you’re a part of this community, so always count yourself in!

Q: “I’m new here! What should I do first?”

A: Get plugged into a group that meets weekly—this is where you’ll study God’s Word daily and find community with other gals that will encourage you in your walk! Choose from Bible Study (recommended), Get Healthy, Prayer or MOPS. Visit our Bible Studies page on our Heartline website. Don’t worry if it’s not the start of a study, we’ll catch you up in no time! Then keep an ear out for Heartline events like Radiate, Heartline Goes Out, and A Little Bit Of Coffee, and bring your friends or come alone to meet some people. Be sure to attend Sunday services where you’ll be encouraged and equipped weekly, sign up for a monthly Belong Class, and be praying about how you can use your time and talents to serve here at Crossline.

Q: “I recently accepted Christ! What’s next?”

A: Congratulations! Please tell us so we can celebrate with you, pray with you, and make sure you’re plugged in! We desire to walk this journey alongside you! Contact our office to grab a copy of “Seek”, written by our Pastor’s wife, Donna Jones. It’s a great, comprehensive, girlfriend’s-guide style book that will help get you excited about your walk with Christ and equipped with foundational truths about the Christian faith. Lastly, don’t be shy—jump straight into a Heartline Bible Study where you’ll meet women who will come alongside you in your journey.

Q: “I need a Mom’s Group… Do you guys have one of those?”

A: We sure do! Have you heard of MOPS: Mothers Of Preschoolers? If you’re the mom of a child between the ages of 0 and 6, you fit the bill to be a part of the MOPS community. MOPS meets Tuesdays mornings from 9-11:30 with childcare for those precious, little ones, allowing you time to rest, refuel, make some new friends, laugh together, cry together, ask tough questions and gain insight and tips on this unique season of motherhood. We think every mom should be a part of an encouraging community like this one, so don’t keep this to yourself—invite your mom friends to join, too!

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