Equipping Sunday


12:30-3:00pm in the Fellowship Center (after 11am service)


Whether you are new to Crossline or have been coming for a while, BELONG is for you! It is your next step in connecting and becoming a part of our Church family. Learn why we exist, what we believe, where we are going and how to become a servant- member. Enjoy a great BBQ lunch on the patio after each service with Pastor JP and Crossline’s leaders. After lunch, we will unpack our vision and values. Childcare is provided. Click here for: BELONG RSVP

2. FIGHT (Get Strong) – How to win the spiritual battle
FIGHT is for people who want to learn how to win their spiritual battles and live in Christ’s victory. Here is where you discover the devil’s schemes to take you out and God’s armor for winning the battle.

3. SHARE (Get Going) – How to live and speak the message of Christ
SHARE is for people who want to shine the light of Christ and positively share His message with others. Here is where you learn to be a contagious Christians and develop skills at sharing the gospel.

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, take your next step. These classes are at the same time as BELONG. Enjoy the BBQ lunch with everyone, after lunch check in at the Fellowship Center. Childcare is provided. Click here for: Discipleship Classes RSVP