Crossline Update

CHURCH WILL GO ON. It’s just going to look a little different.

We’ll keep worshipping together on Sundays.

We’re expanding our online access to make it easier for you to join us during our regular weekend service times, Sundays at 9 and 11 AM 

Crossline Website. From CrosslineChurch.com, select Livestream during one of our regular service times. To view our sermon archives, click Sermons in the main menu.

Facebook LIVE. From Facebook, click on the Crossline Church Page to view our services. You can click on videos to see our video archives. Be sure to click on notifications to receive regular Crossline updates.

If you miss a service, we’ve got you! All of our content will be available at crosslinechurch.com/media and on our Facebook page for your convenience.

We will keep praying for you. 

God has given us an incredible prayer ministry, and our volunteers and pastors are here and ready to pray for you. If you need prayer, for any reason, you can receive prayer from our pastors and elders by emailing

[email protected]

We will keep caring for you

If you need help, we see you, and we care about you! Please contact Erica and Holly in our CARE ministry if you have a CARE or PRAYER need.

Additionally, here is a link to our Crossline staff, do not hesitate to contact any of, we are here for you:

We will continue our outreach.

The Food Pantry will remain open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays from 10am-12pm, but with serious modifications.

Crossline Food Pantry will adhere to all social distancing guidelines to keep our patrons and volunteers safe.

We will continue to experience God’s word together

Both our men’s and women’s bible studies will be available online. We will Livestream Pastor Kenny Luck’s Call Study at 6:45 AM, and Donna Jones will continue to teach the Crossline Women through Discovering Joy at 10 AM. Also, we have added a weekly, more informal bible study with JP Jones to our Livestream schedule at 7 PM.

Wednesdays at 7 PM Mid-Week with Pastor JP

Thursdays at 6:45 AM Pastor Kenny Luck’s Call Study

Thursdays at 10:00 AM Discovering Joy with Donna Jones


We will keep investing in kids and families. 

Nancy and her CrosslineKids team are launching online programming. We’ll have activities, games, and devotions available for you to download through the CrosslineKids Facebook Group and our website.

CrosslineKids on Facebook

CrosslineKids Web Page

We will keep investing in your teens. 

The CRUX team has developed an alternative to our regular CruxGroups Wednesday night experience. It will be an incredible opportunity for our students to grow deeper in their faith and stay connected to the Crux team and leaders. 

CRUX Student Ministries

We will keep investing in our Young Adults.

Summit will be gathering digitally on Sundays at 5 pm with a video service at crosslinechurch.com/youngadults. You’re encouraged to get together in smaller groups to watch and discuss in community as you feel comfortable.

Each community group will be staying connected for prayer, care, and community in a way that makes sense for each individual group. Contact your community group leader or email Pastor Taylor at [email protected] for details.

Crossline Español

The Crossline Español Sunday service will be gathering digitally by live streaming on Facebook on Sunday at 11 am.