Young Adults Service

Summit is Crossline’s Sunday evening church service, hosted by Crossline Young Adults. It’s our weekly time to gather as an entire community to connect with God and each other. Whatever your life situation—whether you are a Christian or not, whether full of faith or full of doubt, whether skeptical or hopeful—Summit is a place for all to explore the message of Jesus together. Our time together is designed to proclaim and praise this unchanging message through singing, teaching from the Bible, celebrating Communion, and having a blast together.

Time & Location

Sundays from 5-6: 30 pm

Crossline Community Church
Fellowship Center
23331 Moulton Parkway
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

What to Expect

  • We Come as We Are. Our environment is laid back and casual. Come dressed in whatever is comfortable for you.
  • We Welcome. Because God has welcomed us even when we were far from Him, warmth, friendliness, and authenticity are some of our highest values.
  • We Worship. To worship God is simply to treasure Him for who he is. One of the main ways we do this at Summit is through music, which we like to be passionate, expressive and loud.
  • We Give. When we remember how generous God’s love is toward us, we believe that we can’t help but generously give in response.
  • We Learn. We believe that the Bible is God’s authoritative word. Through learning from it, we gain not just information for our minds, but transformation in our hearts.
  • We Respond. Experiencing God invites a response. We create space every Sunday to personally reflect on how God may be inviting us to respond.
  • We Connect. We invite everyone to hang out after our Summit service for a low-key social time we call “Afters.” God so values relationships that we consider Afters to be just as much a part of our service as music or the sermon.