A Movement of Young Adults

We’re a community in our twenties and early-thirties following Jesus in Orange County. God is changing our lives and through us changing the world.

We think everyone needs an authentic group of people to live with and a captivating cause to live for. In Jesus, we’re given a right relationship with God, the resources for right relationships with each other, and an invitation into what God is doing in the world. That’s why we’re excited to invite every young adult in Orange County into the great adventure of knowing Christ and making Him known.

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Every day we ask so many questions, but we rarely have time to dig in to life’s biggest questions. Alpha is a series of four dinner parties where we share a meal, watch an engaging talk and have an honest conversation about what we think of the message of Jesus and life’s big questions. Alpha is meant for people who wouldn’t normally attend church and every perspective is welcome. We’ll be hosted by Brandon Hayden and Micah Nameroff (soon to be Micah Hayden woohoo!). Email alpha@crosslinechurch.com for the exact location.

Starting Tuesday, January 8th at 7pm-8:30pm

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02/01 - 02/03

Young Adults Retreat

God seems to do something special in our lives when we take time to pause, connect with other people, and give ourselves space to hear from Him. Join us on February 1st-3rd, 2019 for an awesome weekend away at our second ever Young Adult Retreat. 

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