The Mission of Crossline Church meets the Great Commission by creating exciting opportunities to speak God’s word and show God’s love in a sports atmosphere. We encourage you to join your fellow Crossline family as we set forth to reach the community in a healthy, respectful, and Christ like way through athletic competition. Our Sports ministry is a great way to connect with other Crossline Church members by inviting seekers and believers to one or more of our exciting options.

For more opportunities and information please contact Rob Munck at

OCR (Obstacle Course Races)

Are you motivated by pushing yourself through physical and mental challenges? Then OCRs are what you’re looking for! Crossline is putting together a team to compete in all sorts of races; such as Spartan, Tough Mudder, Endeavor! These challenges are for all shapes and sizes! You don’t need to be a 5 star athlete to compete in these courses. They have something for everyone from running, lifting, climbing, and even hurdling over FIRE PITS! Come be apart of a team that will challenge, motivate, and encourage you to the finish line! AROO!

For more info on OCRs please contact Rob Munck at


October 20, 2018 – Spartan Beast-TBD So Cal/12+ miles 30-35 obstacles

December 8, 2018 – Spartan Sprint-/3-5 miles 20-23 obstacles/Lake Castaic

January 26, 2019 – Spartan Super -Prado Regional Park Chino

April 27, 2019 – Rugged Maniac-Lake Castaic


Do you love going out on the links but having trouble finding a group to go out with? Then get connected with Crossline friends and families for some rounds of golf! We have a great group of people that would be excited for you to join them as they tackle different courses for all skill sets. Whether you slice or hook your drive or use a 24 handicap. Don’t be discouraged to get connected with this great group for some fun and fellowship on the greens.

For more information on our golfing opportunities please contact Justin Stiegler at


Do you hit like Hays and run like Mayes? Crossline Church is putting together a softball team to compete in a local league! Grab your glove, put on some cleats, and get ready to get dirty! All skill levels are welcome to come take the field!

For more information on the Softball team please contact Albert Hsueh at


Do you have a wicked jump shot? A filthy crossover? Crossline Church is organizing a men’s basketball league team! We are accepting all skill levels to compete and fellowship in a healthy way in this fast pace sport. So pump up the Reeboks and stretch those hamies. We look forward to seeing you on the hardwood.

For more information on the Basketball team please contact Albert Hsueh at