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At Crossline, we are passionate about more than just seeing the divorce rate drop, we want to help foster marriages that truly THRIVE.

We want to help couples win and have a relationship that is fun, intimate, adventurous, steadfast and attractive. We believe that the key to healthy marriages is having Jesus at the center and we stand by that, unashamedly. Wherever you are at in your relationship with your spouse or fiancé, we want to heartily invite you to dive into what we have going on here at Crossline!

We’d love to support you in your journey–whether you are looking for ways to prioritize your marriage in the midst of busyness, want to prepare well with great pre-marital counseling, seeking to spark deeper intimacy or need assistance in navigating conflict, let us be there for you.

Marriage Matters

When was your last great date night?

Marriage Matters at Crossline is the BEST way to spend an evening with your spouse or fiancé.  Each quarter our guest speaker will bring new material and a positive outlook for the future of your relationship through practical and engaging content in a stress-free environment. Join us for an evening complete with dinner, fun games, and the opportunity to meet other couples while learning how to thrive in your marriage!

Make sure to join us at our next Marriage Matters event!

Marriage Matters

Marriage By God

Pre-Marital Counseling

Being engaged is such an exciting time for couples! And with all the excitement comes an opportunity to grow closer and learn more about each other as the big day draws near. At Marriage by God, you’ll experience unique couple-to-couple counseling that pairs you with a mature Christian couple that can help you navigate these new discoveries and establish God’s design for marriage

Marriage By God

Community Groups

Seeking support and friendship?

Christian life was not meant to live apart from community.

We encourage you to connect into one of our couples community group where you can enjoy quality time with others couples in your same stage of life!

Community Groups

Marriage Resources

Have you seen the amazing streamable content for Marriages on RightNow Media? If not, allow us to give you free access to one of the greatest resources for your marriage!



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