What is a Community Group?

A Community Group is a place to be known and grow in the context of 3-16 friends gathering on a consistent basis in homes, coffee shops, restaurants or otherwise for life-giving community and meaningful conversations.

Why Should I be a Part of One?

In a Community Group, you will…

  • Grow in the midst of meaningful conversations
  • Relationally connect to a group of life-giving friends
  • Obtain support in life’s challenges
  • Understand the Bible on a deeper level
  • Participate in the vision of Crossline Church.

Perhaps the greatest resource we have to offer our Crossline Community Groups is FREE access to RightNow Media.

RightNow media is your all-inclusive ticket to tens of thousands of streaming videos with vetted and  fantastic Christian content. There is no topic you can’t find a Bible Study or training about. It’s basically the Netflix of Christian Content.

Each of our Community Groups have freedom to choose the curriculum of their choice; currently, we are suggesting RightNow Media’s original curriculum on the Gospel of Mark by Francis Chan. You can find the Gospel of Mark and many others by signing up for your free access below.

Right Now Media

More Questions?

If you have more questions about Community Groups, we would be happy to answer them for you!

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