The “off-campus” church will consist of “Crossline Home Church” and “Check-In Church” (also in homes).   No matter what your preference or ability to connect is, it is our goal that every member of Crossline experiences weekly community, care, and connection.  

Crossline Home Church

Crossline Home Church (CHC) is for those members, their friends, and their neighbors who will not be coming to on-campus services.  For many members, it will simply be a continuation of your online home experience with one important difference – you will be welcoming others into your home, into your garage, or onto your patio to watch and participate in the 9 am/11 am service LIVE.

Crossline will be providing these members with some simple guidelines on how to get started, what to do, and how to let others know your home is a “Crossline Home Church.” If you would like to host, please click here and we will get you started.

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Neighborhood Check-In

Neighborhood Check-in is a simple way for you to reach out to your neighbors and friends. This is not a traditional church service at a specific time. Rather, its a spiritually expectant neighborhood meet-up at the time of your choice. It’s your chance, as a Spirit-filled follower of Jesus, to be used by Him as you make yourself available. Set a time, let your neighbors know about, get something yummy to eat,  “check-in” with them, and find out ways you can offer care.

Have fun with it!  Be creative! Love people! Less structure and more connection is the goal. If you want to combine it with a Bible study or prayer, go for it! Crossline is not a building where—it’s a people. We’ll be sure to help you feel equipped and we can’t wait to hear the stories! Click here to host!

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