Are You a Gossip? (are you sure?)


Years ago I worked with a gal who started countless conversations by saying, “I’m not one to gossip, but…”

Her lack of awareness always made me giggle, because of course she was one to gossip. In fact, she was usually the first one to gossip.

I tried everything under the sun to squelch the gossip: Change the subject. Avoid eye contact. Look busy. Tell her I didn’t feel comfortable hearing negative things about co-workers. Counter negative comments with positive ones.

No matter what I tried, nothing worked. Looking back, I suspect it’s because she genuinely didn’t think she was a gossip. I don’t know what ever happened to her, but I’ll bet she encountered a few lost friendships, and a host of hurt feelings over the years.

Last week I wrote an article for Crosswalk called “10 Types of Gossiping People”. I must admit, writing the article opened my eyes about ways we gossip and (sometimes) don’t even know it. It’s a great conversation starter with your friends, small group, and especially your family (pre-teen or teenage girls, anyone???) Check it out!

You are loved….